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Uganda has a lot to offer when you come and visit this wonderful country well known as Pearl of Africa. The biggest lake on the African continent, Lake Victoria with its intimate and heavenly islands give you an amazing resting place after a lengthy safari. Relax under a tree on the sandy warm beaches along the equator and smile under the sun with temperatures around 21 degrees Celsius throughout the year; this is the perfect weather for a holiday even in the rainy seasons.

You will see the snow covered Rwenzori mountains that stand over most of Western Uganda, its rain-forests plus the jungles not available in any other country within East African. There is also an opportunity for you to fish at the bottom of Murchison Falls and catch the 165 kilogram Nile Perch that are hard to find elsewhere.

Wherever you go in Uganda, the green vegetation offers you a very beautiful green atmosphere, this is Geographically referred to as Evergreen of Africa.

A number of visitors have named Uganda Africa’s Banana Republic because of numerous types of Bananas found in the country. Uganda grows more bananas than all other global countries besides India. Uganda has more than 500 protected forest reserves covering about 4.7% of the total land area.

While on visit to Uganda, you can taste & enjoy a number of locally grown fruits and you shall get the pineapple here in a fully natural flavor. You can also eat the natural, delicious, Oranges, Jackfruit, PawPaws, Watermelon and so many other fruits.

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Why You should Choose Uganda For A Safari?

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